Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Block vs Australian Survivor 2016: Biggest TV Battle of the Year?

The Block vs Australian Survivor 2016: Biggest TV Battle of the Year?

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The battleground is set for an Australian reality TV war between The Block and Australian Survivor 2016.

This could be the biggest matchup among reality shows Down Under. Channel 9’s The Block takes on Ten’s Australian Survivor for the 7:30 p.m. weeknight timeslot. Thus, the fight is on to see which show gains the most number of viewers. However, it could face stiff competition from its rival that was one of the television shows to watch out for this year. Yet the show’s co-creator Julian Cress is confident about their chances.

“When you combine the demolition and the renovation and the wind and the rain and the late nights and all of the other challenges, The Block will make Australian Survivor look like a Sunday picnic,” Cress said. Nonetheless, Survivor could have the advantage with its newest host Jonathan LaPaglia. Although it would be the first hosting job for the Adelaide-born actor, he is a big fan of the popular reality show. Moreover, he welcomes a good challenge.

Five couples will take on the massive task to fix up an old soap factory located in Port Melbourne. The structure dates back to the 1920s and it would be the first art deco design project for the show. Meet this season’s teams of blockheads.

1. Baby boomers Dan and his wife Carleen hail from Perth. Despite their age, the handyman and hairdresser bring their broad experience to show from seven renovation projects.

2. Lesbian couple Sasha and Julia from Melbourne have been together for four years. They renovated a home
project worth AU $ 400,000. Cress hopes Sasha and Julia would bring the same energy and humor to the show that Gav and Waz did during the first season of the show in 2003, according to

3. Teacher Kim and her husband police officer Chris come from Newcastle.

4. Mates Andy and Ben are primary schoolteachers who come from Geelong however neither has experience in renovation.

5. Karlie and William are high school sweethearts from Queensland. Although only 25, they might have an advantage given their respective professional backgrounds as a quantity surveyor and electrician.

  • Dom

    The Block being harder then Survivor??????

    The hardship of being out on island of having virtually nothing and having to survive the elements and starvation from the lack of food. The intensty of the physical and mental challenge which will test you and on top of that, the paranoia of having 23 other people plotting to against you to vote you off the island.

    With all due respect to Cress, Survivor is clearly the more difficult and he is mad to think his crappy show is the more difficult. The only way The Block is difficult is that it is difficult for an intelligent person like me to watch more then a second of that show without loosing brain-cells.

    There is a reason that the recent US season had 3 medical evictions and it wasn’t because they were building a house in Melbourne but because they were doing something actually challenging.