The creator of “The Binding of Isaac,” Super Meat Boy and other indie titles Edmund McMillen has announced his latest masterpiece called “The Legend of Bum-bo.” He calls the upcoming project as a “turn-based puzzle RPG type thingy” that randomly generates maps. This announcement was posted in his own “The Binding of Isaac” blog.

He will be working on the game’s design, writing, character design and 2D art while James Id would be in charge of the programming, 3D art and other things McMillen can’t do. Both will collaborate on the project and have fun while doing so. The composers Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans will be in charge of the compositions, audio and sound details. The game would have some similarities to “The Binding of Isaac” or at least the game’s hero, Isaac. The game has been on the drawing board for a few months but was only recently officially announced.

McMillen isn’t really heavy on details at the moment, but the last post in Tumblr gives away only a few details. The question is, why is this on Isaac’s blog? This will be answered in the coming months as they give us more teasers.
While nothing’s been official however McMillen’s obsessive interest in poo, and the pile of poo in the logo, could be a slight clue at what’s to come: Poo, lots and lots of poo. Oh, and that Isaac-like coin which we aren’t sure if it’s part of the design.

“The Binding of Isaac” is a good contender for the best indie game of all time. It is surely one of the best roguelike games of our generation. Edmund McMillen poured his creative genius in bringing a remake of the game full of meaningful additions and improvements on gameplay. We hope to see the best of his work in this new game and let’s hold on to our seats for now.