Just five days before The Bachelor 2016 launches, it seems the bachelor of the season Richie Strahan has caught the love bug once again. The Bachelor 2016 premieres next week on Wednesday, July 27, on Channel Ten.

The 31-year-old immediately caught the hearts and attention of the viewers during the last Bachelorette season. He was often seen mumbling quirky phrases such as ‘cool bananas’. As the new season approaches, viewers should expect more of the quizzical but hilarious phrases from this bachelor.

Though the show is strictly under the wraps, some details are slowly starting to spill. Richie’s preference for blondes is one.

Could it be Richie found the one from the blondes of the show? Out of the 22 bachelorettes vying for Richie’s heart, half are blondes.

One bachelorette reveals that her strategy is to let Richie come to her instead of her chasing him. Question is, will the strategy work?

While viewers will have to wait to see if their bets are correct, Richie has admitted he is ‘extremely happy’ with the outcome.

Does this mean the 31-year-old has found love in one of the bachelorettes? It doesn’t matter whether she is blonde or not, what matters is the gentleman gets the love of his life.

Richie Strahan found his way into The Bachelorette when he won Cleo’s search for a bachelor. Sam Frost then sent him home after reaching the third to the last elimination round.

After Richie signed up for the upcoming season of The Bachelor, he spent some time working for DeepWater Millennium doing what he knows best. He is a rope access technician between his television shows and a model on his spare time. The Bachelor has signed a modeling contract with Chadwick Models, the DailyMail notes. He even made his catwalk debut on the Perth Fashion Festival.

Maybe his luck in getting a modelling job and being able to flash those drool-worthy abs is the reason why he is extremely happy. We’ll never know until The Bachelor starts airing.

Aside from Richie’s sculpted body on The Bachelor 2016, join him in his quest to find the one bachelorette who will get all his roses and more as the show premieres this Wednesday, July 27, at Channel Ten.