Richie Strahan felt pressured on the Bachelor 2016 Australia.

The wait is almost over for the premiere of the Bachelor 2016 Australia. Until now, viewers had to contend with teasers about Richie Strahan and the 22 ladies in the running to win his heart. Hence, episode 1 would certainly delight fans of Richie and the franchise.

Richie is on the Bachelor 2016 Australia for a second chance at love. Despite his lead on the Love Leaderboard, he failed to win the heart of Sam Frost, an upset that saddened many viewers at the time. Hence, there as an overwhelming support for him to find his ladylove. Even his recent confession could not seem to deter fans from following Richie on his latest quest for love.

Public compassion for Richie seems strong and certainly brings on the pressure for the show to do well. Hence, the production behind the Bachelor 2016 Australia made sure to find candidates who would be ideal for him.In spite of his appearance on the Bachelorette, it turns out Richie is not immune to the pressures of dating. The responsibility to make the ladies feel at ease fell on the shoulders of the Bachelor 2016 Australia, a fact that Richie knew from the start. Hence, host Osher Gunsberg could literally hear the nervous beating of Richie’s heart through his earpiece.

“I wait just outside the room and I’ve got an ear piece so I can hear what’s going on in there. I could literally hear his heart beating — just beating out of his chest. That microphone picked up every sound of his heartbeat. And that’s significant,” Gunsberg revealed.

Episode 1 of Richie’s journey to love premieres on July 27, although sources revealed early on he has already found the perfect girl. While he cannot reveal her identity yet until he hands out the last rose on television, Richie teased that SAS are on the job to keep the secret safe until then, the Daily Telegraph revealed.