The Bachelor 2016 Australia is just in episode two but a lot of things are already happening.

The Bachelor 2016 Australia star Richie Strahan is evidently a good kisser as more than half of the remaining ladies in the mansion are about to kiss him and at least one of them will drop the L word in episode two.

In the latest promo of The Bachelor 2016 Australia, the 31-year-old rope technician was seen locking lips with a blonde beauty in a bathtub while sipping a glass of sparkling wine. In another shot, he was seen hugging another contestant and passionately kissing her. At the end of the teaser, one woman can be heard saying “I love you” in a voice over while a woman and Richie share a kiss in the darkness.

The teaser came after The Bachelor 2016 Australia host Osher Gunsberg hinted there will be so much pashing in this season of the reality show. “… There’s a lot of pashing. So much pashing… But you’ve got to make sure someone’s a good kisser. And ladies like to kiss boys as well!” he recently told News Corp.

Watch the episode 2 teaser here.

Speaking of kisses, Nikki Gogan was the first who secured a first solo date and a kiss from Strahan.

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The two went on a date on a secluded beach in Sydney. During the helicopter ride to the beach, Nikki revealed to Richie why she hasn’t dated for a while now. Nikki broke up with her boyfriend of more than 12 years about a year ago. She revealed that they were engaged but called off it off six months before the wedding.

Richie did not seem to mind Nikki’s past at all and presented her with a red rose. The 29-year-old real estate broker from Western Australia gladly accepted the rose with a kiss. “He’s a really nice kisser, we were all giggly!” Nikki said.

"Nice Kiss"… "Nice Rose" 🌹 #TheBachelorAU

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Meanwhile, Alex Nation and Megan Marx remain the frontrunners this season. Alex received the coveted white rose at the end of the first cocktail party while Megan got a red rose.

The Bachelor 2016 Australia airs on Wednesday and Thursday on Channel Ten.