The Bachelor 2016 Australia winner Alex Nation has been slammed over her parenting skills and was accused of neglecting her son for new boyfriend Richie Strahan.

The accusations against Alex stemmed from the post of her former sister-in-law, Kimberley Grace Porter, on social media. Kimberley is the elder sister of Alex’s ex-husband and father of her son, Joel Porter.  Right after Alex won Strahan’s heartKimberley said her brother and his new partner are the “real winners”. She shared a photo of Joel, his son Elijah and Ashy on social media.

Alex’s Instagram account was then flooded with comments questioning her commitment of being a mother to Elijah. The reality TV star defended her parenting after the backlash in social media. She told The New Daily: “These people, they think they know who you are by seeing you on a reality TV show, but they have no insight on what I do or where I am. I know I’m a good mum and I know I just absolutely love and adore my son, so reading stuff like that can be a bit frustrating at times, because sometimes people’s ignorance is offensive.”

Prior to The Bachelor 2016 Australia finale last month, Joel’s girlfriend, Ashy, shared a couple of cryptic posts on Instagram about neglectful parents. One post stated it is disappointing that a person is only a good mother on Facebook and the rest of the time she neglects your child.  Another is about raising a human being and not managing an inconvenience. All posts have since been deleted.

Nation admitted Strahan has yet to meet her son. She added that it is unlikely that the two will meet when he visits Melbourne next week. Alex explained that Strahan has several media engagements and there is not enough time to enjoy their first meeting. Alex said the Perth hunk and her son will see each other probably next month.

According to Mail Online, Joel has confirmed that Elijah is staying with him while Alex is in Perth to spend time with Strahan’s family.

Alex and Joel were briefly married after she gave birth to their son Elijah in 2011. They separated and got divorced two years ago.

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