Two Chinese tourists were killed  on Wednesday when two Thai speedboats carrying 62 tourists on board collided. It is the second fatal  accident involving a Thai speedboat in less than two weeks.

Three other Chinese tourists are in critical condition after the collision near Koh Phi Phi Island. One boat was carrying 36 Chinese tourists including 2 children while the other had 26 people of whom 22 were Chinese nationals.

Lieutenant Prasert Srikhunrat, deputy commander of Phuket Marine Police, said, “Two Chinese tourists died, one man and one woman, while 20 sustained injuries, three of whom are in critical condition.”

According to Fox News, police informed the public that the investigation into the collision is going on. They suspected that the speed was one main factor.

Srikhunrat said, “It had to be that they were going too fast, that’s why there was an accident.”

He added that there was light rain which created difficulty in visibility but that could not be blamed entirely. He further stated, “Luckily everyone was wearing life vests or the number of fatalities would have been higher.”

The crash was a blow to Thailand’s image as a popular tourist destination. Accidents involving tourists are very common in the country, reported Channel Asia News. Accidents involving boats, tour buses, and many other accidents have been increasing day by day because of the country’s lax enforcement of laws and safety regulations.

As per Thai news reports, a speedboat near the island of Koh Samet collided with an anchored boat on Sunday. Mail Online reported that in May another speedboat has capsized in rough waters off Koh Samui. The boat was carrying 32 tourists. A French man also lost his life when a Thai speedboat hit him while he was swimming in the waters reserved for snorkelers.

In yet another accident a Thai speedboat propeller severed a Russian scuba divers leg and wounded another Russian’s leg off Phi Phi Island.