Donald Trump is positive that Texas Senator Ted Cruz will go down in Texas caucus due to his gun-control stand.

Cruz has been attacked by Trump for his positions on gun control and abortion among others. Trump even went so far as to threaten to sue him. Cruz champions the Second Amendment Rights as one of his main issues on his campaign website, refuting the current gun laws.

While citing legal cases where he loosened firearms restrictions and overturned bans, he has vowed to sustain his stance if he is elected. He claims that violence and crimes are not reduced by taking away the right of civilians to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Cruz also strongly backs the death penalty and promises a commitment to prevent any changes to the current constitution.

Meanwhile, the billionaire presidential candidate stands on the opposite end. According to his campaign website, Trump has a strong positive stance on gun rights. The business mogul opposes bans on guns. He supports making carry permits valid throughout the United States. He also calls out the ineffectiveness of background checks in preventing criminals from obtaining guns. Most importantly, the billionaire thinks buyers should not have to ask permission before taking possession of an assault weapon.

Meanwhile, CNN reported that Trump has won the Nevada caucuses held Tuesday. Vote totals are yet to be announced, but Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Cruz are confirmed to be fighting for the second spot in the state is known for its unpredictability. Nevada is the fourth state to choose delegates to the Republican National Convention.

Cruz falls behind as Trump expected to win handily in the state, as he did in South Carolina and New Hampshire with more than 75 percent of the votes already cast, CBS News reported. With Jeb Bush out of the running, the biggest question to come out is where the Floridian’s supporters went. They most likely shifted towards Rubio or Ohio Gov. John Kasich.