A Texas man fatally shot by a Mesa cop was heard begging for his life according to a police report.

A witness and a transcription video footage revealed that Daniel Shaver was saying “Please don’t shoot me” just before Philip Brailsford shot him. Brailford has been charged with second degree murder for the death of 26-year-old Shaver. Authorities declined to release the video of the deadly encounter.

However, the report released Tuesday gives detailed description of the footage and Shaver’s final moments before the cop shot him. It stated that Brailsford was unarmed and was at a hotel when the unforeseen occurrence happened.

Shaver was shot on Jan 18 in a hallway outside his room at a Mesa La Quinta hotel. Police confronted Shaver responding to a report of a man pointing a rifle from a fifth floor window of the hotel. The police report also confirmed that Shaver invited a man and woman to his hotel room for drinks that night, reported Daily News.

The Texas man showed his guests a case that contained a pellet gun and dead sparrow.  He told them that he was on a business trip with Wal-mart and he was assigned to kill all the birds that entered buildings. Then Shaver pointed the gun out the window briefly.  After Police arrived in the scene they warn him that he “may not survive”, if considered to be a threat.

The video revealed that Shaver made small jerking motions while he had his hand behind his back, stated the report.

An officer warned him, “If you do that again, we are shooting you. Do you understand?”

Shavers pleaded, “No, please don’t shoot me.”

The footage revealed Shaver complying with all orders including a demand to crawl towards the officers.

According to az central, Shaver’s wife Laney Sweet expressed her frustration at the lack of details provided to the public. She also was frustrated by the details given about the circumstances surrounding her husband’s death.

She said, “I can’t bring him back, but I will fight for justice for him. My kids are absolutely heartbroken and I can’t fix it.”

A review prepared by Los Angeles police, which stated that more than one-third of the people shot by Los Angeles police were mentally ill, was highly criticised recently.