Teen Wolf Season 6 trailer was released on October 6. It drops hints on what the fans can expect to see in the forthcoming installment of the series. The preview features some panic moments that erase Stiles from existence. Does that mean, he will disappear from the final season?

Teen Wolf Season 6 trailer continues for 1:45 minutes. The clip opens with Stiles and Lydia inside a jeep. And within 15 seconds Stiles is taken by the Ghost Riders. This horrifying action erases him from everyone’s memory. Scott, Lydia, Malia, and even Sheriff Stilinski are now trying hard to recollect things about a person who has never existed to them. It is like a dreamy existence which is far off from the reality.

In another scene, Stiles is seen trapped on this “other side” with Peter Hale. He is trying hard to reach out to his best friend and force Scott to remember him. Stiles even tries to help Lydia to remember him by telling her those magical words. He says, “Remember I love you.” Lydia, the love of his life seems so close yet so far. Then Teen Wolf Season 6 trailer features a kissing sequence (in flashback) at 1:04 minutes.

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When it comes to Scott, he appears to be quite determined to bring Stiles back. Even though he could barely remember a thing about his BFF, he tries to take things under control. To date, we have seen Stiles standing by his loved ones in any situation good or bad. So it is the payback time for Scott. It looks like Scott will stop at nothing to ensure that Stiles is both remembered and safe. “I’m coming for my friends. I’m coming for everyone,” he says. Will he succeed? Or Stiles will simply disappear from their memories as well as from the plot of the final season.

Teen Wolf Season 6 trailer is only a glimpse how wonderful this season is. MTV News clarifies this season has tears, fear, panic and all the emotions in abundance. As claimed earlier by show creator Jeff Davis, Stiles Stilinski is the primary focus of the season and lots of mystery revolves around him. How will things shape for him this season, is only be known when the show returns on MTV on Tuesday, November 15, at 9 PM EST.