‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5: Movie in the Works? Plot Details Here

Teen Wolf

As fans await the return of “Teen Wolf” Season 5, speculations and rumors on the current season of the hit American television show continue to surface. What would be the fate of the characters? Is there really a possible movie?

Movie Pilot notes that executive producer Jeff Davis and Tyler Posey have talked about a possible movie for “Teen Wolf.” If Stiles would really leave, the site mentioned that ” it would look cool to finish the originals in a movie.”

According to Movie Pilot, the movie would probably show Isaac and Jackson helping the pack when Stiles leave. The site also mentioned that it expects the pack to be involved in more action, fights but less drama and romance. The movie would also launch movie careers for its characters.

In an interview with Forbes, EP Davis did mention about the possible “Teen Wolf” movie. When he was asked about it, Davis said, “Yeah. I meant like that. But Tyler and I also talked about doing a romantic comedy, because I think he’s such a good romantic lead.”

Moreover, he revealed on the site that he and Posey are indeed planning something big for the show’s ending. He told the site,”We always think we kind of like the idea of having the series finale be kind of a “the adventure continues…” finale, knowing that something else is going to happen in their lives and they’ll keep going.”

Even though fans will like the idea of a movie, the producers talking about an epic finale of the show won’t still be a good news for them.

In case the show goes on with season 6 and 7, Movie Pilot has prepared its predictions. For Season 6, the site notes that Jackson’s story would be revealed and a reunion for the original cast would happen. In Season 7, the site mentions that Liam would be more in charge and the Eichen House will be used.

“Teen Wolf” returns with Season 5B on January 5th.


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