‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5: Lydia-Stiles Hook Up; Malia Dumped?


Teen Wolf” fans are definitely ready for some excitement as the second half of the season is about to return in three months.

MTV’s supernatural drama aired the first part of the fifth season this August and left fans with speculations. The big question now is will Lydia and Stiles finally hook up?

CP Entertainment reports on rumors that the scriptwriters “have already written in more screen time” for the two.

The site mentions that Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) was “observed harboring strong feelings for Lydia (Holland Roden).” However, Lydia always end up conflicted about them getting together.

The powerful Malia (Shelley Henig) feels strongly about Stiles too and her intentions may be revealed next year leading to an “uncomfortable unrequited love triangle.”

Realty Today notes that two seasons have passed since Stiles and Lydia kissed. However, it seems the show is hinting towards a romance between the two. “Stiles and Lydia have been sharing at least one emotional or intimate moment in every episode this season.”

There may also be a possible character to be partnered with Stiles, according to CarterMatt.

The site reports, “while the sexuality of the characters on the show makes it near-impossible something would happen, you should acknowledge anytime that a pair of characters generates such a strong reaction that it makes people intrigued enough to ‘ship them. ”

In the site’s recent poll, the fans of Lydia-Styles ship are leading.

Lydia and Styles are the best couple on the show as “they respect and care deeply about one another but they also challenge each other,” as noted by Buddy TV.

CP Entertainment also points to speculations of the return of Peter (Ian Bohen) on the show. His story was sort of left hanging when he banished and “there are rumors he will pop up somewhere 5B.”

As Lydia heads on to the Eichen House, she will likely solve Peter’s disappearance.

Guess we’ll just have to wait for January 2016 to confirm these spoilers.

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