Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have become the favorite topic of the media recently. One can’t blame them, as it is not just the couple’s romance or PDA that’s highly sought but also their fashion sense, which has created enough sensation. Now we have an ardent follower of Hiddleston’s style. A few cameras captured someone trying to ape the Avengers actor’s dress sense. Have you spotted this copycat in Australia?

Looks like Tom Hiddleston has initiated a fashion trend. Recently, singer Tom Odell was spotted wearing his heart on his chest during his visit to Australia. He was on a tour to promote his new album Wrong Crowd and was seen kicking off the trip by slipping into an ‘I Heart Sydney T-shirt’. Isn’t it something that reminds you of Hiddleston?

Earlier this month, Hiddleston was spotted getting cosy with Taylor Swift sporting an ‘I heart T.S.’ t-shirt as he frolicked in the sea with her. The fans of this couple went gaga over their love for each other. Many felt it is indeed such a passionate way to express one’s love for the other. However, later on, there were many who said that T.S. doesn’t stand for Taylor Swift but for the poet T.S. Eliot, of whom Hiddleston is a great fan.

The new power couple remained mum over the growing queries of people. On the contrary, they could not keep their hands off each other in the sea while celebrating July 4. Tom even sported a  temporary tattoo on his arm with the letter ‘T’ at the center.

Now Odell repeated the same trend copying Hiddleston. If he is to be believed, it is his love for the city, as well as a tribute to his model girlfriend whose name is coincidentally Sydney Lima, reports News.

Is it just his love for Sydney (city and girlfriend) or an easy way to get publicity akin to Taylor Swift’s and Tom Hiddleston’s? Only fans can decide! What’s your take on it?