Taylor Swift and her success continue to grow. Her musical talent and perky disposition will undoubtedly make her a bigger star than she is now. Aside from her budding talent and increasing fame, did Taylor Swift get bigger from behind?

Her recent red carpet appearance came with a noticeable surprise. In addition to her impeccable fashion style, her sequinned catsuit displayed a more substantial derriere, Daily Mail reported.

Her new figure is in stark contrast to how she looked just a year ago at Billboards, the website noted.

As expected, questions about how she got a bigger booty came up. Many speculate the pop darling slipped on padded underwear. Did she get implants?

Neither assumption is true. The Mirror cleared speculations about her new plump posterior. The website revealed that her constant visits to the gym are responsible for the pop darling’s curvier form.

In particular, her shapely rear is the result of numerous squats, the website added. Hence, it’s all natural. Beyonce herself would likely say “it looks bootylicious”.

Images of Taylor Swift and her remarkable body came out earlier. Her boyfriend Calvin Harris shared pics of their romantic holiday, People reported.

Although it was not as noticeable then, Swift already sported a fuller figure from before. Hence, the supposition that it’s all natural.



The noticeable increase in Swift’s posterior did not overshadow her achievements at the event. It was a big night for her again. Many expected her to win at the recent iHeartRadio Music Awards 2016.

The pop darling took home three awards namely for Female Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Best Tour.

For her acceptance speech, Taylor Swift thanked her boyfriend Adam, Calvin Harris’ real name. The camera caught the adorable smirk on his face as Swift spoke on stage.