Taylor Swift Calvin Harris Armani Underwear Ad 2015: TS Says ‘No’

Taylor Swift may seem smitten by her boyfriend Calvin Harris, but the singer isn’t ready to go all out. That includes showing more skin with his boyfriend.

A recent report revealed that the “Bad Blood” singer turned down a big payday to appear in an underwear ad with boyfriend, Calvin Harris. Italian fashion brand, Armani, reportedly offered Swift $14 Million (US$10.2 Million) to strip down to her essentials, but the singer said No.

Mirror UK reports that the brand wanted to mirror the 2009 ad they had with Victoria and David Beckham. The sexy ad was a success for Armani at that time, and given that the Taylor and Calvin are one the biggest couples right now, having them together in an ad will definitely mean a sales boost.

Even with the Scottish DJ already endorsing Armani and has already appeared on a few underwear ads for the brand, Swift wasn’t very happy with the idea. A source for Daily Star revealed that the “Shake It Off” songstress isn’t ready to show “too much skin” as it might “damager her image”.

“If she was married to Calvin then things may be different,” the source told Daily Star, Mirror noted.

While money isn’t an issue for Swift, who has a net worth of more than US$200 million, she is still turning her back on a huge amount.

“The Taylor offer is initially around the £6.5 million mark but that sum could then triple with global promotion if the campaign is successful,” the source revealed.

However, with her millions of fans being in their teens and even younger, it is totally understandable that the 25-year-old chose to be on the safer side. Lest parents start bashing her for being too racy.

Even though the young couple wouldn’t be appearing in any ads together, they sure are spending some quality time together. Taylor also revealed that her friends love her new boyfriend, Calvin. And the two have each other’s backs.

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