The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that air strikes have been launched in the Syrian rebel-held city of Idlib on Monday night, which killed and injured over 150 people.

As reported by, the regulatory body said the planes are believed to be Russian. Many strikes were conducted in the western city of Syria. Some of the strikes hit the region where the National Hospital was located. The war monitor specified that almost 10 strikes hit Idlib which killed around 14 innocent people, including three children.

Activist network The Local Coordination Committees confirmed that 10 people lost their lives when the National Hospital was struck by alleged Russian planes. There is little detail about casualties from other regions of the city. Though the hospitals were not targeted, the damage that occurred due to the strike has affected the city adversely, the war regulator stated.

Idlib’s civil defense officer Abdurrazak Jubeiro told Anadolu Agency that airstrikes targeted the al-Wataniand Ibn Sina hospital along with a mosque. The casualties included several women and children. He claimed that the rescue team is still working on digging up destroyed homes to find the number of victims, both dead and injured. The Daily Sabah specified that two hospitals have been affected by the airstrikes and hence, are unable to provide proper medical services for the time being.

Fox News states Idlib is controlled and supervised by the Army of Conquest coalition. The coalition is dominated by ultraconservative insurgent and rebel groups. It is headed by the Al-Qaida’s Syrian associate, the Nusra Front. Fox News also stated that the US and the UN consider the group as a terrorist alliance. As a result of this, the front has been separated from previous cease-fire agreements between the rebel forces and the government.

It was in September 2015 when Russian military airstrikes attacked Syria following Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s official request for military assistance.