Sydney Woman Faces ‘Cowardly Attack’ For Robbery

Sydney woman

A Sydney woman faced a “cowardly attack” for robbery on the street but was saved by another elderly woman in Sydney’s southwest.

The 83-year-old thanked the woman for saving her from being robbed and harmed. Lorrette Doueihi, who has nine great grandchildren, was attacked from behind during a bungled robbery.  She said that she was walking along Nuwarra Road in Moorebank in the morning of Sept. 28 when a young woman pushed her to the ground with the intention of stealing her handbag.

A translator helped interpret the whole incident.  Doueihi said that she walked quite slowly when she felt the presence of two hands on her shoulders that pushed her really hard. She fell on her face and started to bleed. She cried for help following the hard push and injury, she said.

The victim added that an elderly woman who was involved in some gardening work across the road saved her. Doueihi said that the woman was older than her. “She was much older than I was, it took us together for me to stand up, between 10 and 15 minutes, because none of us had the power to help me up,” she said. “In fact, I started crawling a bit to try and gain some strength and stand up, but I couldn’t.  Without her I probably would have died,” she said.

The reports stated that Doueihi suffered severe facial bruising along with a suspected broken nose. The woman said that she locked herself in her bedroom after the attack as she was completely shaken by the incident. However, she confronted the camera for justice. She said she would be cooperating with the police in investigating the matter for the attacker to get arrested.

Detective Chief Inspector Ken Hardie said that the attack on the Sydney woman was one of the worst ones. “This disgraceful and callous attack on this defenseless elderly woman is just unbelievable,” he said on Wednesday as quoted by 9News. “We need information to catch this animal so she can be brought before the courts and dealt with.”

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