Another Sydney pool death occurred on Sunday when a six-year-old boy drowned in a backyard pool situated in the southwest of Sydney.

The boy was immediately taken out of the pool in Spitfire Drive, Raby at around 5:30 pm. Emergency crews were called to the spot. The officers saw the body of the boy floating in the water. The paramedics performed CPR on the boy. He was in a state of unconsciousness when he was taken to the Westmead’s Children’s Hospital under the supervision of a police escort.

The boy did not survive for long. The parents were not in a position to speak to the investigators. The situation and cause are being analyzed to find out the cause of the accident. Police are all set to give the charge to the coroner for final investigation.

NSW police have released a statement in which it stated that the Macquarie Fields Local Area Command officers have been given the task of preparing a report to make sure every detail of the incident is provided to the coroner.

Following the Sydney pool death, the officers have warned homeowners particularly in that area to ensure their pools met safety standards. Police have also requested public assistance in the matter and asked people to call 1800-333-000 or log on to Crime Stoppers Online if they have any details related to the matter.

The deaths of toddlers in Australia have become quite frequent these days. Either the parents are the suspects or the relatives. Sometimes it is also nature that causes the death. In 2016, there have been quite a number of Sydney pool deaths reported.

In January, two toddlers aged two and three drowned in the backyard pool of a residence at Kentucky Road in Riverwood, Sydney. While the three-year-old died shortly after he was taken out of the water, the other toddler managed to survive and was taken to Sydney’s Children Hospital in an unconscious state.