A Sydney mom has hit her five-year-old toddler son on Thursday afternoon in the driveway of her home located northwest of the city.

She was testing and operating her car on the spot when the accident occurred. The mother tried taking her son instantly to the hospital but she stopped on her way for medical assistance from NSW Ambulance paramedics on Crane Road in Castle Hill. The boy was given immediate first-aid treatment by paramedics before he was admitted to Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Police claimed that the five-year-old toddler was treated for abdominal injuries by the paramedics. However, details about his injuries remain unknown. The Hills Local Area Command police officials and paramedics were present while the investigation was being done.

The inquiries are still continuing with expected support from the people involved in the Sydney mom hit case, 9News reported.

There are frequent incidents in which toddlers are killed either intentionally or unintentionally. In the matter above, the mother mistakenly hit the boy but there have been instances where moms kill their kids intentionally.

A similar incident was reported in December 2015 when a two-year-old girl was hit by her mom’s car while she reversed her car in Mandurah, Perth. It was reported that the mother attempted to reverse from her Lakelands driveway and her toddler was allegedly standing just behind her car.

The toddler daughter was immediately taken to Peel Health Campus for further medical assistance and then admitted to Princess Margaret Hospital. The matter was investigated while the toddler remained in critical condition for a long time but she became stable gradually.

In April, a Perth man was charged of hit-and-run of a 22-month-old baby who was killed in the incident. He was alleged to be a family friend. The toddler was taken to a hospital but died shortly after that. The alleged killer was charged with failing to report an incident occasioning bodily harm, driving without a license and stealing a motor vehicle.