Keep Sydney Open is pushing for a “rethink” of Sydney lockout laws. Thousands are expected to fill the streets of Sydney this Sunday. Their agenda is to salvage Sydney’s crumpling nightlife.

The anti-lockout movement commences this Sunday 12:30 PM at Belmore Park. Sydney music artists and groups have rallied to support the movement. According to Huffington Post,”Sydney music identities will make speeches and perform in support of the rally.” Isabella Manfredi of The Preatures, Dave Faulkner of the Hoodoo Gurus, Art vs Science and Royal Headache confirmed attendance.

The announcement of the rally was posted on Keep Sydney Open’s Facebook page last Monday morning. By 5:30 PM on that day, 8,600 Sydney siders have already RSVPed.

Sydney lockout laws were introduced in 2014. The NSW government attempted to address the alcohol-fuelled violence in Sydney’s Kings Cross and CBD. The 1:30 AM lockout and “last drinks” at 3 AM were two of the laws introduced. Protesters believe these laws are destroying Sydney’s vibrant music and nightlife community.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Amsterdam and London have taken different measures to ensure maximum safety for nightlife patrons. Amsterdam’s Night mayor Mirik Milan has urged Sydney to follow alternative ways.

He also referred to the “High impact Zone” used in New York’s Time Square. In this scheme, a group of officers whose main agenda is to patrol segregated nightlife districts. These officers will collaborate with nightlife venues. This ensures a decrease in violence without closing establishments and desolating nightlife.

“If you only act from fear, you always make the wrong decision. What is happening in Sydney shows that first and foremost, policy makers must understand that so many social, cultural and economic benefits come from a city’s night economy,” Milan said.

This coming weekend, a massive protest will be held against the lockout laws. Keep Sydney Open hopes for new methods that will ensure safety without the sacrifice of Sydney’s nightlife and economy.