The New South Wales government has launched a woman helpdesk in the form of a new phone number to report cases of domestic violence directly, thereby seeking proper advice to deal with the same.

Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton announced on Tuesday that the new contact number will help victims get free, correct and timely referrals for any domestic violence incident happening across the state. “For the first time a single, easy-to-remember number will connect a victim directly with the local Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service (WDVCAS) when they enter a postcode,” Upton said.

Dialling 1800-938-227 will connect the women directly to the Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service and help them get access to a local support system starting from counselling to accommodation. The experts available on the contact number will also help the victims financially, legally, etc. as and when required. They can also provide suitable referrals of victims to government and non-government organizations.

With the help of the woman helpdesk, one of the victims, Catherine, has received suitable support from WDVCAS and is now out of her three-year relationship for six months. She admitted that she has been thinking of getting out of the relationship earlier but connecting to Lifeline could not do much. Later, she received relevant support from the new service and helpdesk.

“Things will happen a lot quicker,” WDVCAS coordinator Susan Smith claimed as reported by the ABC. “We can make sure services reach women, rather than women trying to reach services. We’d always encourage everyone to call the police but this will be of great benefit to women who need to establish safe living arrangements before they do.”

Almost 35,000 victims have received support from the new service in 2015. The initiative has been implemented under the Safer Pathway program launched by the NSW government worth $53 million. With the help of this, it is ensured that the women at risk of injury or death could be saved and brought to safety once again.