If you’ve been thinking of the perfect wanderlust, don’t miss the chance to book a night in Sydney Harbor’s “The Spontaneity Suite” – the first ever “pop up floating hotel.” Travellers can spend a night at the cost of only $99.

An overnight stay at “The Spontaneity Suite” originally costs $36,000, Traveller wrote. But this coming weekend, November 14 (Saturday) and November 15 (Sunday), travellers can book a one night stay at the price of $99. You just need to use the HotelTonight app to book between 12noon and 2pm your chosen date of stay.

Australia’s first “pop up floating hotel” is fully serviced by Ovolo Hotels. It is in partnership with HotelTonight, a hotel booking app. The lavish suite, made up of two shipping containers, can only be accessed by boat.

At such price, boat transfers to and from the five-star suite is already included. Travellers can avail full meals, a minibar, and room service which is delivered daily by boat. Also, the suite has a rooftop terrace and jacuzzi where travellers can enjoy the great view of the Sydney Harbor. Sounds like a relaxing treat, right?

According to The Huffington Post Australia, the suite has a “smart in-room entertainment” where AppleTV and Netflix can be accessed through mobile devices. Travelers can also use an in-app chat feature called Aces which acts as their personal mobile concierge.

Stefan Cordiner, HotelTonight Regional Director for Asia Pacific, said that they came up with the idea of a “pop up floating hotel” to bring a different kind of wanderlust to Australians.

“The aim was to offer an intrepid yet comfortable experience to create the perfect night of escapism. We’re on a quest to make travelling more fun so thought it was fitting to deliver this unique luxury accommodation,” Cordiner told The Huffington Post Australia.

Traveller mentioned that the money generated from the bookings will be donated to OzHarvest, a food rescue charity. The “pop up floating hotel” will also move to other locations around the country.