Another Sydney drunken driving case has been reported where a 50-year-old woman has been charged with hitting a six-year-old girl by a car in Sydney’s northwest.

The woman was found to have consumed six times more alcohol than the legal limit when the accident occurred. The toddler was trying to cross between two vehicles in Progress Avenue when the accident happened. Police confirmed that prior to hitting the girl, the woman in Subaru also struck a car that stood in front while she drove forward after trying to reverse from Eastwood’s parking lot on Wednesday afternoon. As a result, another car in the queue was pushed.

“The offending driver in this instance was heavily impaired with alcohol. The driver was six times over the legal limit,” a police spokesman said at the scene. “It could have been a catastrophic incident involving the young lady and could have involved others.

“With that level of impairment, how do you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and attempt to drive, let alone walk? Seven vehicles in all were involved in the collision and it could have been a hell of a lot worse.”

A CareFlight spokesman said that the victim is believed to have suffered pelvic injuries. Paramedic services arrived on the spot and the girl was taken to Westmead Children’s Hospital. She is now in a stable condition.

The suspect tried to escape the scene after the mishap but bystanders stopped her until police arrived at the scene and arrested her. The woman was also reportedly talking on her mobile phone while she drove. The law enforcement officials carried out a breath test that returned a reading of 0.303.

She has been charged with multiple allegations that include high-range drunk driving, using a mobile phone while driving and causing bodily harm by misconduct.

The woman, according to The Daily Mail, was allowed a conditional bail and is set to appear in Burwood Local Court on October 24.