A Colombian family was found dead at a house in Sydney’s Northern Beaches on Monday morning. When authorities arrived in Sir Thomas Mitchell Drive in Davidson, they found the bodies of a 44-year-old man, 43-year-old woman, 10-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl as well as a dog.

A NSW Police spokeswoman did not provide any further details about how the family died. Superintendent Dave Darcy of the Northern Beaches Local Area Command did not also reveal how long the bodies were lying dead at the house.

The family moved to the area in 2005. The father worked for a logistics company while the mother was a very active member of the St Lucy’s Parents and Friends committee. The children used to be pupils at the Catholic school St Lucy’s, a Wahroonga school for students with disabilities.

The school canteen’s staff raised the alarm when the mother did not arrive for work on Monday. As of now, investigations are still ongoing and they cannot confirm if the case was murder or suicide but further details are expected to be revealed later on.

“I have specifically spoken with the homicide investigators and our investigators and we have come to a unanimous view that it is far too early to make such a conclusion,” says Darcy. “There is no one telling us at the moment what has happened.  There is no one who has witnessed it.”

Darcy adds that the mother is well regarded in the community. The Colombian family has also made contributions to the community that have made a significant difference in other people’s lives.

One of the community’s residents said that the family kept to themselves but they seemed lovely.  Neighbor Kirsty Den Brinke added that everyone was shocked by the incident. If the family had troubles, the community would have reached out to them.