A young man has spoken at the hearing of his abuser at the Parramatta District Court where he felt ashamed of remaining quiet to whatever had happened to him.

Gregory James Druery, the abuser, has been sexually abusing children since the time he was a youth worker at the Baptist Church in 1992, the court documents stated. According to the records, he used to befriend parents and prey on their children whenever he got an opportunity.

One of his abuse victims stood in front of the court and felt ashamed and guilty of not revealing the truth for so long. The court document stated that the abuser had been assaulting children for two decades until he was caught in 2014. On Wednesday, the abuser from Chipping Norton in Southwest Sydney faced a sentencing hearing after pleading guilty of the charges.

The victim confessed that the crime done to him had damaged his relationships with loved ones. He was now guilty of not bringing the matter into focus before. By revealing the truth early on, he might have saved so many children from being abused.

According to SBS, Druery was an assistant junior coach in a Sydney’s baseball club in 2000. The victim said that he regretted being a junior baseball player. His wedding photographs were even taken by his abuser and he was ashamed of being exploited and remaining quiet for so long.

“I don’t like to be left in the same room alone with my parents in case they bring it up,” AAP quoted the man as saying. “My wife has often described me as an emotionless rock; perhaps this is to do with keeping the incident to myself for so long. Looking back, I wish I had the moral courage to stand up and say what was happening was wrong.”

Druery, on the other hand, regretted about his deeds in the court and apologised for whatever wrong he did to the children. “I have to face what I have done, I have to live with what I have done for the rest of my life,” he said.

The abuser will be sentenced on February 19.