Saturday, October 01, 2016

Why Swiss Village Chose to Pay $400,000 Over Refugees

Why Swiss Village Chose to Pay $400,000 Over Refugees


Oberwil-Lieli, a highly affluent Swiss village, voted against taking in 10 Syrian refugees despite a fine of £200,000 (AU$400,000) on the refusal. The village has a population of 2,200, of which 300 are millionaires.

The Swiss government marked off a quota for each of its 26 counties in order to achieve its target of accepting 50,000 refugees across the country. Oberwil-Lieli voted by 52 percent to 48 percent to not accept any refugee. “We do not want them here it is as simple as that,” said a resident. “We have worked hard all our lives and have a lovely village that we do not want it spoiled. We are not suited to take in refugees. They would not fit in here.”

Residents of the Swiss village expressed concerns over the security and safety of their women and children, fearing sexual attacks similar to the once that took place in Cologne. They are also wary of the refugees disrupting their peaceful way of life and the zero-crime rate at the village would be affected, the reported.

Steve Symonds, Amnesty UK’s refugee programme director, told the Independent that he urged the West to come forward and accept their share of refugees.

“Just as it’s wrong for richer countries to keep leaving it to poorer countries to host the vast proportion of the world’s growing refugee population, so more wealthy communities need to share responsibility with the less affluent,” the Independent quoted Symonds as saying. “This is as true in Switzerland and the UK as it is in countries like Lebanon, which are currently hosting very many more refugees than European countries. We all need to play our part or the current crisis will keep getting worse,” he added.

However, according to Oberwil-Lieli’s mayor, Andreas Glarner, refusing to accept refugees doesn’t tantamount to racism. “We were not to be told if the 10 were from Syria or if they are economic migrants from other countries,” he said. “Yes, the refugees from Syria have to be helped and they are better served by being helped in the camps nearer their home.”

According to him, sending money to help them is a better idea than promising them to resettle elsewhere, as it would send them wrong messages. It would prompt them to leave their countries and take on the perilous journey through the ocean and also pay people traffickers to get them there.

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    Smart people. Fuck immigrants and fuck Islam!

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    This is a picture of Zermatt and not of Oberwil-Lieli, the town the article is about.

    Awesome journalism.

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    Haha, really, you lost me at “similar to the once that took place in Cologne”. And yes, that pic is so off the real place.. Wow. Are you a stage?? Learn to do proper journalism or try something else.

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    Use that money to send the mahounds to some paradise like Pakiland.

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    If they keep pushing for European genetics to be destroyed through mass immigration, we whites are justified to defend ourselves. This is an attempt at genocide.

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    Hey if they got the money to stop that filth from entering then so be it. That 0% crime Rate is a beautiful thing and for anyone to say they are racist then too bad. The truth hurts and those poor Islamic’s don’t need to be anywhere close to their women and children. If you do well in life it means you succeeded and should be rewarded with like minded neighbors. you want nice things in life and if you work hard enough and your neighbors do too then you should have them. Too bad for those Syrians. Go with the people you know. Even I can get the hint.

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    we are being destroyed from within. stop the indoctrination that cripples us into accepting our own demise. expel the invaders. expel the traitors who allow it, encourage it, facilitate it, steal our money to pay for it, legislate it. why in the world would we have to PAY to keep out invaders? This is psychotic.

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