Surface Pro 4 Release Date on Oct 6 Confirmed; Source Code Reveals Launch

Looks like the rumored Microsoft October 19 event will be taking place on October 6, much to the delight of fans around the world. The event date is now official with the tech-giant having sent out invites for the launch in New York. It appears that the event is going to be huge with multiple products being introduced.

Naturally so, the invite does not specify what products will be launched, but the source code of the event’s live streaming page may have just given away a few details. It reveals that the speculations could be true and a Surface product could indeed be announced on October 6.

As reported by Windows Central, the source code displays the following line:

“Windows 10 devices, Windows devices, Microsoft Band, Microsoft Surface, Lumia, Live stream, Windows announcement, Windows Phone”

This further solidifies earlier reports indicating the arrival of Surface Pro 4 since a Microsoft surface product has been mentioned. Fans could also get to witness the introduction of the awaited Lumia phones namely the Lumia 950 and 950 XL as well as the Microsoft band at the event.

As earlier reported by BGR, much will not be changed when it comes to the design of the Surface Pro 4, it will quite resemble its predecessor.

What will be different? This time around there may be two variants on the shelves, one with a 12-inch display and other with a 14-inch screen.

What has many fans hooked is the idea that the 14-inch variant may just arrive with 4K capabilities. The 12-inch device isn’t far behind either and may just come with other neat features including a Type-C USB port.

The Surface Pro 4 expected to be announced at the Microsoft New York event on October 6, may come priced at $1,300 and $500 for the 14-inch and 12-inch devices, respectively. Fans should keep coming back for more updates on their favorite Microsoft products.

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