Surface Pro 4 Release Date this July? Specs Include 2 GB/s SSD

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Tech savvy fans of Microsoft and Windows seem excited about the launch of the newest version of the Surface Pro, but the news about the Surface Pro 4 release this month has proven to be just a rumor.

It was first reported last May that the hybrid tablet would be released by the end of this month. However, the presumption that Microsoft would be revealing the Surface Pro 4 launch date soon was debunked by WinBeta this morning.

“Chalk this up as a rumor of a rumor. There’s been no confirmation that a Surface Pro 4 is officially going to exist. In addition to the device only being rumored to exist, the potential release date in the second half of 2016 is speculation as well,” the site wrote.

Win Beta also believes that if the company is planning to release a newer version of the Surface Pro, it should be a better and more sophisticated device than the current Surface Pro 3, which is still doing well in the market.

Today, Surface Pro 3 continues to satisfy its users through good reviews from different tech sites. Tech Radar gave the tablet-slash-laptop a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Rumors have it that Samsung will provide 2 GB/s SSDs for the tablet and will be shipping out by 2016.

“The hardware is said to allow for transfer rates up to 2 GB/s which is quite an improvement over its predecessor. The Surface Pro 3’s Samsung PM851 has a 600 MB/s rate,” NewsBurn reported.

Should this bit be true, fans can expect an incremental increase in the features and specs of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

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