The battle of the smartphones seems to be never-ending and now with the surprise arrival of the Surface Book from Microsoft, the laptop wars have only become more heated.

Thanks to rumor mills churning, fans probably have a faint idea of what to expect when the MacBook Air 2016 arrives.

Let’s take a look at what the Air 2016 may bring and how will it stand-up against the Surface Book, announced by Microsoft only a few days ago.

Before information on the MacBook Air is dug out, let’s look at the Surface Book. To begin with the laptop features a “dynamic fulcrum hinge,” which is really neat,  allows users to either flip the screen on its back much like the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, or completely detach the screen to be used as a large tablet.

The Surface Book runs Windows 10 and sports a 13.5-inch display with resolution of 3000 x 2000, fitted in a neat chassis. There is the option to go with either the i5 or i7 processor and between 8GB and 16GB RAM depending on the model. There is also a dedicated 1GB graphics card onboard.

The Surface Book is expected to hit Australian shores on November 12 with a heavy price tag of $2,299, as reported by Sydney Morning Herald.

As for the MacBook Air 2016, rumors are rife that it is going be the cheapest MacBook ever right out of the box, with the price being $899, as reported earlier.

Furthermore, the offering from Apple is also speculated to come embedded with the new Nvidia GPU – GeForce GTX 950, latest Intel Syklake-U processor and boast of Retina display and Force Touch.

The device should be seen running the new OS X El Capitan. The Macbook Air 2016 was expected to arrive by this year-end, but that may not be the case and Apple aficionados may be introduced to the Air 2016 early next year.

If rumors about the pricing and the specs are anything to go by, many may want to wait out to hear the official word on the MacBook Air 2016 before they decide which one to opt for.