Surface Book Release Date, Specs & EVERYTHING You Need to Know!

Surface Pro 5

In a move that surprised many, Microsoft went ahead and announced its first actual laptop, the Surface Book.

Microsoft, in an event yesterday, announced the Surface Book along with the Surface Pro 4, its flagship Lumia phones, a new Microsoft Band amongst other products.

The Surface Book boasts of a 13.5-inch display with a 3000 x 2000 resolution, embedded in a sleek form factor. The display supports the use of a stylus as well as touch input. Under its hood, users will find an Intel i5 or i7 sixth generation processor, 8GB or 16GB of RAM along with a 1GB graphics card. It comes fueled by Windows 10 Pro.

What is really neat is the “dynamic fulcrum hinge” which gives users the liberty to either flip the screen or completely detach it from the keyboard, to be used as a tablet.

As noted by the Sydney Morning Herald, executive Panos Pranay shared that the new Surface Book is twice as fast when compared to the MacBook Pro.

The specs and the laptop as a whole looks promising, its arrival in the markets will ascertain whether it can truly leave the MacBook behind which it is clearly aiming for.

According to report, the Microsoft Surface Book is expected to launch in Australia on November 12. As many may have guessed this high-end device will be wearing a hefty price tag and it reads out to be $2299.

The Surface Pro 4, also announced at the event yesterday, wears a 12.3-inch display and features 16GB RAM. The storage can be extended up to 1TB. The device appeared to be sleek and fans probably can’t wait to get a glimpse of this one. There is also a new redesigned Surface Pen which was introduced.

Microsoft aficionados can keep coming back for more updates on the latest Microsoft products.

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