CW’s once-hit series, The Vampire Diairies, will officially be ending its run with Season 8. But before the Salvatore brothers bid farewell for good, will their series really have a joint episode with one of the network’s newer shows? Supergirl Season 2 just moved from CBS to the Vampire Diaries’ home base this year. Will this shift present a chance to bring many different characters from CW’s roster together? Will Kara end up in Mystic Falls somehow?

Both the Vampire Diaries and Supergirl came about from books. One was adapted from a young adult novel series. The other show, meanwhile, was inspired by a series of comic books. However, these two shows cannot be any more different from one another. The Vampire Diariesas the title implies, focuses mainly on vampires and the supernatural. The newly welcomed CW show, on the other hand, focuses on the iconic DC super heroine. In spite of their differences, could a crossover between these two shows happen before Supergirl’s second season begins?

The two shows differ wildly in terms of tone. However, this might make a crossover between the two series really interesting. However, according to TV Line, the CW has no plans of bringing the two shows together. Instead, an old Vampire Diaries star will just join the next installment of Supergirl. 

Actor Chris Wood will be joining the hit show as a series regular. Who will the actor play next season? The CW has kept mum on the details so far. The network only said he will be playing a “surprise DC Comics character” alongside Supergirl herself. Stay tuned for updates.

Meanwhile, in a separate TV Line report, actress Chyler Leigh discussed how different it had been to work with a new setting this season. “We’re going to have a bit more runway,” Leigh explained.

Before Supergirl Season 2 even moved to CW, the show has had a successful crossover before. Check it out below.