It’s Super Bowl 50, and you can’t wait to settle into your couch and join the millions of fans awaiting the historic edition of the annually anticipated games. Then you remembered: You got your cable cancelled months ago, because you got yourself a Chromecast AND an Apple TV. Just great. But wait, before you sulk, did you know that you can actually stream the Superbowl 50 online?

  • Lifehacker lists several ways to get to watch the Superbowl 50 through different devices.
  • TechCrunch also lists several options, but take note that they also push the services of the parent company that owns them, Verizon.

To summarise what Lifehacker and TechCrunch say, you may be able to stream Superbowl 50 from CBS’ website, your Apple TV (search for “CBS Sports”), Roku, or AndroidTV, your iPad or Android Tablet, among other options. TechCrunch recommends the Verizon Go90 App and the NFL Mobile App.

If you’re stuck in the office this weekend, the Superbowl 50 is also available on the iPhone and for Android phones. So don’t worry, wherever you are, you’ll be able to watch the games.

This year’s Super Bowl 50 halftime show will be headlined by Coldplay. Bruno Mars will also be there Beyoncé might make an appearance, as well.

This is Coldplay’s full press conference: Coldplay Super Bowl 50 Press Conference (Full) | NFL

This is the clip where Coldplay’s Chris Martin jokingly mimics the reporter on how she supposed he’d ask ‘Queen B’ to perform with them. “Hey Queen B,” indeed: Coldplay on Asking Beyonce To Perform at Super Bowl 50, ‘Hey Queen B’ | NFL

And here’s Beyoncé’s Superbowl 2013 performance:


This year’s Super Bowl 50 promises to be exciting and packed with star-studded surprises. Don’t forget to figure out the best way you can stream the show, make sure you got the softest, tenderest steaks ready to grill, and don’t forget the bags of popcorn to complete this once-in-a-lifetime event this weekend. Yes, Super Bowl only gets to air its 50th show once in, well, forever. Enjoy!