The Super Bowl 2016 between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos may be the biggest event of the night but that does not stop the Marvel Cinematic Universe from making a statement that in a few months time, it will be their turn with “Captain America: Civil War”.

This statement is well-delivered in the newest “Civil War” footage, at the same time trailer, which shows a rather intense side aspect of the conflict between Captain America/ Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Iron Man/ Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.).

The io9 website points out that the 30-second spot offers very little new footage, but the new material it introduces will satisfy fans dying to see the tiniest bit of development in the upcoming Phase Three starter.

More specifically, io9 discusses that the face-off between Tony Stark and Winter Soldier/ Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) might as well be the highlight of the Super Bowl 2016 spot. It shows a very pissed off Bucky mercilessly pointing a gun at the self-proclaimed billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. Stark can then be seen diverting the attack in a sleek suit while wearing in his hand what appears to be a part of his Iron Man suit.

Meanwhile, The Verge does not miss the fact that what makes the “Captain America: Civil War” spot more intense is the chanting in the background saying “united we stand” and “divided we fall”. According to the website, the spot and that chorus shows a better look of both sides in the highly-anticipated Marvel film.

However, while the aforementioned elements do a great job in hyping up “Captain America: Civil War” even more, what makes it more remarkable is that is offers a first look at Ant-Man/ Scott Lang (Paul Rudd).

Fans who have followed every material produced for “Captain America: Civil War” will know that the small but terrible superhero has been missing in most of the promotional material for the film.

Still, while the new footage finally shows Ant-Man, fans commenting on this post by Kotaku are pointing out that Spider-Man (Tom Holland) is still nowhere to be seen. This made others argue that the new Peter Parker will only have a very brief–and potentially insignificant–role in “Civil War”.

You can check out the new “Captain America: Civil War” spot below. The film premieres on May 6, 2016.