Suicide Squad movie is already showing in selected cinemas yet the hype never changes. Fans are saying it’s the best DC film of 2016. However, the movie failed to impress critics. Now, the spotlight has turned to Margot Robbie’s character, Harley Quinn. Did you notice something different in her outfit?

Ever since the news on Suicide Squad hit the headlines, rumours and speculations swirled mostly on two characters. These are Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Jared Leto’s The Joker. For avid comic book fans, the two has great history. Well, it was Joker who turned Dr. Harleen Quinzel into the crazy, violent Harley Quinn we know. Quinn, however, had the biggest impression in the past teasers of the film.

“Harley is creepy, violent, crazy — all of the things that I aspire to be! No. It’s the fun of living vicariously through someone who is doing things that I would never do in real life,” Robbie teased back in January.

The Australian beauty also brought up Quinn’s style. She revealed that her character underwent a lot of experiment. Well, that didn’t involve sitting in an electric chair or getting dumped in a tank of chemical waste. The said experiment involved her trying on various (and numerous) costumes. She constantly emphasized that she tried on the corset and skirt, leather pants, etc.

“I cannot emphasize enough how many outfits…we tried… We tried literally every type of costume possible for her. I really love where we ended up,” Robbie told Hello Giggles at the time.

Now, reports are questioning if the production “Photoshopped” her costume. Two movie trailers showed her shorts appearing to have different lengths. During the San Diego Comic Con 2016, fans saw that “Robbie’s bottom was on display” in the trailer previewed contrary to the past trailer showed internationally.

Meanwhile, Robbie addressed the issue in a recent interview. Apparently, she had no idea about her “lenghth-y” hot pants. Robbie added that it was quite small during the shoot. She claimed that if the production did so, it would have been “extensive Photoshopping,” she told Smallzy’s Surgery.

Compare Harley Quinn’s hot pants below in the Suicide Squad movie trailer: