‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Is Best Superhero Film Ever? ‘The Next Step,’ Says Jay Hernandez

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While 2016, so far, is proving to be an eventful year for many superheroes, however, to maintain the equilibrium, there is one movie that highlights the supervillians, called “Suicide Squad.”

With a slew of action-packed super-heroic entertainer in the circle, perhaps it will be a mind-refreshing thing for the fans to watch the bad guys. And what could be more exciting than a movie where a team of villains is sent on a mission they aren’t guaranteed to survive?

Apart from countering this year’s series of superhero fare, Suicide Squad is also the next episode in Warner Bros.’ DCEU(DC Extended Universe), says Screenrant. Though Batman V Superman received mixed reactions from the fans and the critics, there’s a huge chance that Suicide Squad could still be a critical and box office hit. For one, this film was overseen by writer/director David Ayer, a very different filmmaker than Batman V Superman and Justice League‘s Zack Snyder.  Additionally, the audience will see a lot of lesser known characters in Suicide Squad. This means they won’t come to the theaters with any preconceptions about the whereabouts of these baddies.

But will that make Suicide Squad the best superhero movie ever?

Actor Jay Hernandez seems to think so. The El Diablo of Suicide Squad, shares his excitement  in a recent interview with Coming Soon , “As a lesser known member of the squad, there wasn’t as much anticipation, and there weren’t people saying, ‘You’re veering off doctrine’.”  He articulates, “There’s a certain level of freedom that I thought was great.”

The 38-year-old actor continues to explain why he believes, “Suicide Squad is the next step,” saying:

 “Everything starts somewhere and is going to end somewhere. I think this is that next step in the evolution of super hero movies… [There are] characters from the other movies that have come in onto our project. It’s interesting because, as a filmmaker and as a writer, you have to make it make sense. You have to find some way to infuse characters that aren’t really part of the narrative, but still have it make sense and have it not just be this weird piece where you’re setting up the other movie. It’s fluid and it has to feel right.”

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It’s been revealed that Ben Affleck’s Batman would appear in Suicide Squad, but if Hernandez is to be believed, there might be many other characters from the DCEU appearing in Suicide Squad.

Whether or not Jay Hernandez’s claims do make sense, it can only be known after watching Suicide Squad in theaters on Aug. 5.

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