A depressed mother of two has asked the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne to terminate her 26-week old pregrancy.

The Age Victoria notes that the mother who claimed to be depressed and in a suicidal state, admitted that her current state of mind plus other domestic problems have pushed her to request for the late abortion. She declared that with all the problems piling upon them, she definitely cannot afford to bring up another child.

The woman, who requested to remain anonymous, told the site, “I am struggling with my eldest child’s mental illness, my own anxiety and depression, financial trouble and a failed relationship. I just cannot do this again; be a single parent to another child without support.”

She admitted that she and her other two children would not be able to cope with the situation. The woman, who is taking anti-depressants, has suffered from post natal depression and has a history of suicide attempts.

The 41-year-old mother revealed that the termination of her pregnancy can give her some hope. She told the site that if the hospital would not respond to her plea, she might attempt suicide.

She admitted that due to some problems with her eldest child, she was not able to meet the earlier deadline for the abortion appointment. A private clinic in Croydon has agreed to do the procedure but was asking for $7,500, an amount which is way beyond her means.

Thus, she decide to go back to the Royal Women’s Hospital. But the hospital’s social worker warned her that she might not get the procedure as her case is not “compelling enough” for the panel in charge.

The site mentions that the woman has consulted with a psychiatrist and is now waiting for the decision of the review panel.

The hospital’s spokeswoman admitted during The Age Victoria interview how difficult the process is for families and clinicians. She said that the hospital is following protocols as well as the analysis of the panel.

Under the Victorian law, a woman may undergo abortion “for any reason up to 24 weeks,” the site notes. However, if the woman is way beyond 24-week, the doctors must agree with the procedure.

In connection with this, Democratic Labor Party MP Rachel Carling-Jenkins is working on a proposal to overhaul the law, as mentioned in another report by The Age Victoria.

In the proposal, it will be illegal for women who are more than 20 weeks pregnant to undergo abortion. Any doctor who will perform such termination will be jailed for up to 20 years.

According to Jenkins, her proposal “protects women from the awful physical and mental consequences of late-term abortion and it protects children” she also added, “women deserve better. Abortions don’t solve problems – they create them.”