A Thailand school dormitory fire killed 17 young girls. The girls aged between 13 and 5 were fast asleep when the devastating fire broke.

The fire started on Sunday evening in the wooden two storey dorm of Pithakkiart Witthaya School in Chiang Rai Province of Thailand. The girls were trapped inside the dorm and the rescue team could only evacuate just a few of them. Two girls are still missing

According to CNN, Twenty girls were rescued by the firefighters. Among the rescued, 5 were injured.

Sawang Momdee, chief of Chiang Rai’s fire unit, said, “We were trying to save everyone through the window, but the fire spread very quickly. We have done our best.”

As per BBC, police Col Prayad Singsin said that the cause of the fire is not known yet and the case is under investigation. The deputy governor of Chiang Rai informed that those students who were awake during the fire were able to escape. But those who were fast asleep could not and that was the reason behind a large number of casualties.

The school in its Facebook page posted an image of the fire-gutted building and stated that the school would remain closed until Friday due to the blaze.

The school is funded by a Christian charity and has been operating in the region for only 5 years. The school provides free education and accommodation to these girls who primarily belonged to poor hill tribes of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. There were around 142 students in the school and it has classes from pre-elementary to grade 6. According to the authorities, there were 38 girls in the dorm at the time the fire broke.

The Thailand school dormitory fire was not the single such incident. These types of accidents are common across the country, stated The Hindu. Particularly to the many hill tribes in bordering areas in Thailand who live in poor health and safety standards.