A video of a 10-year-old girl from Buenos Aires doing a jam and duet with Paul McCartney on the Beatles’ classic Get Back went viral after it was uploaded on YouTube on May 18.

The clip started innocently enough with the former Beatle calling a fan on stage for a meet and greet during his One-on-One concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina recently.

The little girl, who introduced herself as Leila, went up the stage along with her mom, Mariana, while clutching a stuffed monkey.

“What would you like me to do?” he asked the little girl. “You want me to sign this dog (stuff toy)?”

“I wanna play bass with you,” she offered.

That got a laugh from Paul McCartney who couldn’t believe what he was hearing at first. When the surprise abated, he asked the band to give Leila a base guitar, which was almost bigger than her small frame.

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“This would be interesting, I did not see that coming,” he said, before telling the crowd that they are going to sing “Get Back.”

The 10-year-old had a cheeky grin all throughout their jam, obviously having the time of their life. She was rewarded with a hug from Paul McCartney.

“What did you think of that?” he asked, to the roar of the crowd.

The clip was watched 418,227 times in just a couple of days and carried by most major outlets.

Paul McCartney was still pleasantly shocked at what happened that he tweeted a clip of his jam with the 10-year-old. The former Beatle wrote, “10-year-old Leila has wish granted, playing bass with Paul onstage in Buenos Aires #OneOnOne.”

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Fans can expect even more surprises as Paul McCartney continues on with his One-on-One Tour, which will continue in Esprit Arena in Dusseldorf on May 28; Accor Arena in Bercy, Paris on May 30; Vicente Calderon Stadium in Madrid on June 2; and the Olympic Stadium in Munich on June 10. For complete tour dates visit the official website.