Robyn Lindholm, a former stripper, has been charged with the purported murder of her fiancé George Templeton on Tuesday by homicide squad detectives. Lindholm is expected to appear before the Melbourne Magistrate Court on Friday.

George Templeton, a father of five, disappeared more than a decade ago in 2005 from his home in Reservoir, north of Melbourne. Templeton, 38, who was also known as Teazis, lived with his teenage son and Lindholm, 32, and was in a six-year relationship with her at the time he disappeared.

He had a criminal record and that time, the police thought that he might have been in hiding to avoid the police. However, they were doubtful over his whereabouts as he had not used his mobile phone or accessed his bank accounts for a long time, Yahoo 7 News reported.

Lindholm claimed that she was visiting a friend when Templeton left and had purportedly received a text message from him at around 2:40 a.m. the next morning. She, however, was unable to get in touch with her fiancé. She also told police that the couple had dinner with a friend the night before and he appeared happy. Lindholm even made an emotional call for information on her fiance’s whereabouts after he went missing.

The Mail Online reported that Lindholm had previously pleaded guilty of arranging the murder of her former fiancé, Wayne Amey. She met Amey in 2003 at a business lunch where she worked as a stripper.

Amey proposed marriage to Lindholm in 2011 but their relationship went sour thereafter and Amey acquired an intervention order against Lindholm. She then got her new lover, Torsten Trabert, to kill Amey. His battered and stabbed body was found in central Victoria in December 2013. Trabert along with another man, John Anthony Ryan, were sentenced to 23 and 26 years of imprisonment after a jury found them guilty of murdering Amey.