“Street Fighter 5” is by far the best Streetfighter game ever made. If you are a Streetfighter fan and is looking forward to a great competitive experience, then this fighting game franchise is perfect for you. There have been a lot of updates lately for the game; some of it were cosmetic and were great touches for your favorite characters.

The latest update for Streetfighter 5 is the portal to Alex’s arrival and also introduces a lot of fan-requested game features. The game features include a new batch of fresh costumes for the fighting game and game miners already have revealed the next batch of gorgeous, wild and silly alternate costumes for the more famous characters.

For those who love the wrestling-inspired characters, we have a batch of really awkward but nice looking DLC costumes. Mika, Zangief and the newly introduced Alex will all have new suits that will are a great fit for their wrestling career. You can check out the new costumes in this link. You will also see Ken’s new haircut (it doesn’t really look that good to be honest) here.

The Streetfighter 5’s new in-game store will launch today but we are not sure if the costumes will launch at the same time, so we just need to keep our fingers crossed. The March update will also include other things other than the new skins, they also added new single-player challenges, combo trials and new balance changes to make your solo play even more fun. You can check the details here.


There have been hints that some players have already played Alex, the first ever downloadable character in the fighting game. He will be officially introduced today along with a sneak preview of his moves and upcoming skins. Streetfighter V is a very ambitious game and with all these downloads ready to hit the game. We’re quite sure this game will last a very long time.