“Street Fighter 5” global beta is set to come your way on Oct. 22 and run through Oct. 25, reported Capcom. There is a series of tests which need to be performed before its final release, including beta live, and most importantly, cross play between PC users and PS4 users. This might be treat for gamers with added characters in the roster and cross platform play. Since, this is a beta version, users might experience some issues, which shall be resolved by Capcom, assures their official website.

PC Play

The PC users will gain the access to beta on Oct. 24, and would have to comply with the minimum specifications in order to run “SF5” properly. While minimum specification will run the game but it is recommended to use the exact specs for optimal experience.

PS4 to PC Cross Platform Play

The testing of cross platform play functionality will be carried out on Oct. 24 and Oct. 25, respectively. The exciting feature will be first of their trial.


During the release of SF4, a lot of characters were announced to be part of this upcoming version. Keeping their promise, new characters like Ken, Necalli, Vega and R. Mika will be selectable. Rashid will be added on Oct. 23 and Karin on Oct. 24. However, the characters from the previous beta: Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, Birdie, Nash and M. Bison, will not be selectable this time around, according Capcom.

Ranked Matchmaking

Pairings will become rather difficult this time around the players will be automatically paired with someone of equal skills.

Combined Leaderboards

Beta will keep track of the best players through their leaderboards across both platforms.

Player Search

Searching top fighter profiles and their strategies, will be made easy. Implementing the player search functionality will be an added feature to the game, useful for the users.

Fight Money Unlockables

Players can unlock fighters with their fight money, a feature which was difficult to use in the previous money. However, the fight money cannot be carried forward to the next beta.

“Street Fighter 5” will finally come out in 2016 and the new characters should be fun, noted Forbes.