Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis has been the talk of the town when he posted on social media the meaning behind his tattoo on the right side of his arm. Does Stranger Things really have something to do with it?

In a report by E! News, Lewis teased on his Instagram account the mysterious meaning behind his famous inked roman numerals.

On Sunday, the Harry Potter cast posted a photo of his right arm with the Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown saying, “A lot of people ask what my tattoo means. Now you know. @milliebobby_brown #XI #Eleven”

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Lewis wrote online while posing with one of the show’s biggest breakout stars, Eleven. His tattoo matches the Stranger Things star’s name played by Millie Bobby Brown.

As per Refinery 29, it may seem that there’s a connection between Stranger Things and Harry Potter. There are some speculations that maybe Eleven may end up at Hogwarts or maybe Lewis predicted that the show will be a big hit. However, those are just ‘rumors’ for the meaning behind the post.

On another note, the show has been a hit since it premiered on Netflix. Having a show with young stars made it more interesting to a lot of people.

During the 2016 Emmys, the young stars were interviewed about their hit show. “The best part about the ride, meeting everyone that just loves the show because, I mean, they’re all super great to us,” said the young star Gaten Matarazzo.

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The young stars are feeling overwhelmed with the fame they’re experiencing right now including fans who want to take pictures with them. They’ve been showing respect to their fans and at the same time enjoying their journey now.

For now, fans should really be patient with the Stranger Things Season 2. It’ll be airing with nine episodes soon.

Stay tuned for more Stranger Things updates!