The long wait is over for “Stitchers” fans. Season 2 debuts its first episode on March 22. However, fans should take note of its new timeslot. The show will now air at 10 p.m on Freeform.

The title of the first episode for the new season is “2.0”, The Slanted reported. The website revealed interesting surprises in stored for fans for the debut.

1. Kristen brings Cameron back from the dead. The finale of “Stitchers” season 1 showed Cameron flatline in the laboratory, TV Line reported. At the time, the website asked Emma Ishta about Cameron’s fate. Ishta revealed little and only said, “I got nothing for ya.”

“I honestly don’t know. Anything could happen,” she added. Ishta plays Kristen in the TV series.

2. By helping Cameron, Kristen loses her temporal dysplasia. As a result, she experiences real emotions once again.

3. In “2.0”, Kristen also recalls a significant memory about her biological father.

Buddy TV got to talk with the stars of the show. The interview led to the revelation of more interesting secrets about season 2.

4. Stars Allison Scagliotti and Ritesh Rajan spoke about a “love connection”. Scagliotti and Rajan, play the roles of Camille and Linus, respectively. Rajan revealed that it would be his first kiss on camera.

5. Season 2 is about self-reflection, Rajan told Buddy TV. He elaborated about how his character Linus dealt with the loss of his best friend, Cameron.

6. Meanwhile, Scagliotti revealed some changes that she wanted for season 2. She noted that this time around Kristen would not be the only “muscle” of the team.

7. Stars Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Damon Dayoub also shared a few highlights. Whitfield revealed that her character Maggie gets more power than she’s ever had.

8. Fans can expect to see and learn more about Fisher. Whitfield revealed that “Stitchers” has Dayoub for good now.

Watch the “Stitchers” interview with Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Damon Dayoub.

Watch the “Stitchers” interview with Allison Scagliotti and Ritesh Rajan.