The Onion Gang episode aired last September 15 raised fears among fans for the fate of Steven Universe season 4.

The hit animated series airs on the Cartoon Network every Thursday since August. Indeed, many expressed concern over the lack of news about Steven Universe season 4. Hence, it led to speculation either it was on a break or worse, cancelled, when a new episode did not air last week on September 22.

Movie News Guide posited the rumored hiatus of the series was likely intentional due to the spread of leaks about Steven Universe season 4. Hence, the network changed the show’s schedule to help keep spoilers at bay.

Alleged Episode Titles to Watch Out for on Steven Universe Season 4 and 5.

Tiger Philanthropist
• Gem Harvest
• Lars’ Car
• Oceangate
• Breakfast or Bust
• Flower Tower
• Steven’s Sister

The leaked list of episode titles is highly questionable among fans. Indeed, Cartoon Network and the series creator Rebecca Sugar have yet to comment on its authenticity. Onion Gang featured Steven, Onion, and their odd friendship as it grows stronger. It also presented Onion’s friends from the pantry like Garbanzos, Pinto, Soup, and Squash.

Although the last episode stayed fun filled for the children to enjoy, it seemed lacking for its dedicated fans.
Earlier theories about the series’ story line have yet to depict any, such as the past and powers of Rose or the landing of the Yellow Diamond on earth. Hence, their anticipation for the continuation of season 4.

If a Reddit thread is any indication, then the next episode could be on Thanksgiving Day, November 24.

The basis for their forecast hinged on the presumed title of the next episode, which is Gem Harvest. According to its hardcore fans, the episode could likely be a Thanksgiving celebration between the people of Beach City and the Crystal Gems. Although it would be set as a flashback.