Steve Irwin’s daughter is all grown up. The 17-year-old carries on her father’s legacy of animal conservation. Moreover, Bindi Irwin wants to protect her family from the mystery man in her mum’s life.

Although Bindi wants her mum to be happy, she has denied rumours that allege about a mystery man in an interview with KIIS FM, Mail Online reported. The young wildlife advocate is also certain that no one has taken her father’s place in her mum’s heart.

“My mum is still absolutely married to dad, and I really believe that each and every one of us has that one person in our life,” Bindi told

Rumours about her mum Terri’s mystery man have circulated. The reports suggested that she’s finally found a new love to take the place of the Crocodile Hunter. The extent of speculations also revealed the family’s supposed plan to move to the US.

Terri’s recent revelation about pulling back from the public life likely generated the rumours. According to a report from New Idea, Terri planned to quit the zoo because of love. The publication wrote that she’d been in a relationship with an American since 2009, yet her children were not aware of it.

However, the rumours have no basis. Bindi revealed that even her mum was unaware of a mystery man in her own life. “No, no. Mum read that article and went, ‘Wow! He’s so mysterious that I don’t even know about it!’” Bindi repeated her mum’s statement.

Thanks to her larger than life father, Bindi Irwin had been in the limelight since she was a child. His abrupt death in 2006 thrust her even further into the spotlight as a celebrated wildlife warrior. In 2015, she took a break from crocodiles and went on a different adventure. The Australian celebrity wrangled with the dance floor of “Dancing With the Stars” Season 21 and won.

This July, she will conquer yet another first when she turns 18: her first sip of Coca-Cola. Apparently, she’s never tasted the popular drink before.

“I might have some Coca-Cola on my 18th but I’m gonna see if I’m that crazy,” she told Kyle and Jackie O of KIIS FM.