‘Start Again’ By Conrad Sewell Reigns On ARIA

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The Australian Recording Industry Association, or ARIA released its latest Top 10 Australian Artist singles chart on Monday, June 22, 2015. The newest chart includes this week’s top songs in Australia such as “Start Again” by Conrad Sewell, “Big Girls Cry” by Sia and “No One” by Golden Features featuring Thelma Plum. You can check out the full list below:

Top 10 Songs In The ARIA Australian Artist Singles Chart For June 22, 2015 

  1. “Start Again” by Conrad Sewell (single)
  2. “You Don’t Own Me” by Grace featuring G-Eazy (single)
  3. “Anchor” by Birds Of Tokyo (from “Anchor EP”)
  4. “The Buzz” by Hermitude featuring Mataya and Young Tapz (from the album “Dark Night Sweet Light”)
  5. “Do You Remember” by Jarryd James (single)
  6. “Big Girls Cry” by Sia (from the album “1000 Forms of Fear”)
  7. “Some Minds” by Flume featuring Andrew Wyatt (single)
  8. “Tonight Againby Guy Sebastian (single)
  9. “Give Me Something” by Jarryd James (single)
  10. “No One” by Golden Features featuring Thelma Plum (from the “XXIV” EP)

“Start Again” by Conrad Sewell still reigns supreme on ARIA. It was also number one last week. Sewell’s hit single has been on the chart for four times. “You Don’t Own Me” by Grace featuring G-Eazy is on the second position. A few weeks ago, it was the top single in ARIA’s Australian Singles Chart.

“Anchor” by Birds Of Tokyo went up a notch from the fourth spot last week. It switched positions with “The Buzz” by Hermitude featuring Mataya and Young, which used to be on the third place.

“Do You Remember” by Jarryd James went up from the seventh position to its current fifth spot. “Big Girls” by Sia stayed firmly on the sixth spot.

“Tonight Again” by Guy Sebastian dropped to the eight position from its previous spot on the fifth place. “Give Me Something” by Jarryd James returned on the ARIA chart after being away last week when it landed on the 13th spot. Click here to see the complete list of hit songs from ARIA’s Australian Singles Chart.

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Watch The Conrad Sewell – “Start Again” (Live on Sunrise) Video:

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