Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Star Wars: Rogue One Shooting: Director Replaced?

Star Wars: Rogue One Shooting: Director Replaced?



“Star Wars: Rogue One” is set to hit theaters later this year. However, it was earlier confirmed that the movie’s shoot has yet to be completed. Certain scenes are still being re-shot.

Rumors suggest that the film studio was not happy with the direction Gareth Edwards took for the movie. Some have even began speculating that Edwards was replaced by another director.

However, according to Slash Film, this might not be the case. Christopher McQuarrie flatly denied that he is taking over for Edwards as director. “If there are any re-shoots on Rogue One, I’m not supervising them,” he said. “For any outlet to say so is not only wrong, it’s irresponsible.”

The “Mission Impossible” director also defended Edwards. “Gareth Edwards is a talented filmmaker,” McQuarrie said. “[He] deserves the benefit of the doubt. Making a film – let alone a Star Wars chapter – is hard enough without the internet trying to deliberately downgrade one’s years of hard work. Who does that even serve? Let him make his movie in peace.”

Meanwhile, Movie Pilot has confirmed that production for the movie will wrap up in August.  It was earlier reported that Lucasfilm was not too happy about the dark tone Edwards chose for “Star Wars: Rogue One.” The film blog also quoted a source who defended the re-shoots being done. “This is a normal part of our filmmaking process,” the source said. “We’re working and tweaking and making sure it’s right. This is how you build something in layers.”

Rumors earlier suggested that the additional re-shoot would cover “40 percent of the film.” According to reports, the movie’s overall tone might be altered after the re-shoot. A “major cameo” might also be added to the movie.

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is still set to hit the big screen on December 16, 2016.


    It is true that they are reshooting 40% of the movie. When Disney had a test screening audience watch it they weren’t thrilled with the first cut. They hated it. This sent Disney in tailspin panic mode. Disney now denies ever having a test audience because the film was that bad. That tells you right there what’s going on there. They brought in JJ Abrams to take over the directors chair from Edwards, McQuarrie was brought in or was attached to the reshoots but I think was replaced by Tony Gilroy. I think McQuarrie had a falling out with the project or something to that affect and walked away from it.

    The fallout of all of this is that the film will no doubt crash at the box office, it deserves it. Disney probably knows this and wants to salvage the film any which way they can, and they have been going over the top in damage control with the negative reports that have been coming out this mess, and they are pulling everything out of the bag of tricks to save the film. It won’t work. It will suffer the same fate as Fantastic Four did. Gareth Edwards career will also suffer the same as Four’s director. From Edwards himself he said he doesn’t want to do big budget films anymore and wants to focus on smaller productions. That translates into; He got blackballed in Hollywood and the other studios won’t give him the reigns of any big budget production with the way he handled Rouge One. He screwed it up big time! His career is finished. No doubt the damage is felt by the others attached to the film as well, like the cast. Namely the main star; Felicity Jones, she was supposed to carry the film and didn’t do a good job of it. She was supposed to be the next big thing in Hollywood and now that’s doubtful. When the film does come out and people see the crappy job she did, (Wait until the Climax of the film) and you’ll see the backlash begin for her. I promise that!
    Everything that has been told about the film in trade papers is utter BS. It’s damage control spin. The film is a POS and nothing they can do can save it. That’s the way it is.