New information regarding the upcoming “Star Wars” standalone film called “Rogue One” are emerging and recent reports reveal that there’s more to Darth Vader’s involvement than previously believed.

JoBlo lists a number of details regarding characters and features that may come out in “Star Wars Rogue One”. However, the most interesting that stands out from that list is the tidbit about Darth Vader. According to the website, while it was only previously rumored that the iconic villain will be in the film, his involvement is now confirmed.

In addition to this confirmation, JoBlo also details that Darth Vader will have a bigger role in “Rogue One”.

The website discusses that while it makes sense to introduce newer characters to the “Rogue One” story, it is also logical to still incorporate Darth Vader given that he is “one of the most famous characters in cinematic history.”

Although saying that Vader will have a larger role in the film does not say much about his plans or story line in the movie, Screen Rant details that his role may have something to do with Felicity Jones’ character. Specifically, the website suggests that Vader will be the main antagonist of Jones’ character and her team.

The website also analyses that adding Darth Vader to “Rogue One” is strategic for the part of Lucasfilm — the studio behind the project. Screen Rant delivers this point by saying that one of the factors that made the promotion for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” successful is banking on the sentimentality of the original characters.

Hence, since the story of “Rogue One” occurs even before Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker even met, it is a good thing to still bring a familiar character that fans of the original “Star Wars” story line can relate to.

Aside from Darth Vader, another character that is set to make an appearance is another droid who will aid the rebels. Given BB-8’s achievement in charming the audience in “Force Awakens”, it is no wonder that Lucasfilm is also set to include another droid in the roster.

For now, it remains to be seen how Darth Vader will impact the standalone film or how the new droid can steal the scene much like BB-8 did.

“Star Wars Rogue One” is scheduled to premiere on December 16, 2016.