Players and fans of “Star Wars Battlefront” will be pleased to know that a lot of goodies and updates is in store for the game.

One of the most notable of these updates is the “Death Star” expansion.

GameSpot reports that the confirmation of a Death Star expansion to “Star Wars Battlefront” comes with the announcement by EA Games detailing the schedule of releases for all four expansions. The website relays that the first expansion, called “Outer Rim”, is scheduled to be released on March 2016. Meanwhile, the remaining three expansions namely “Bespin”, “Death Star” and “Expansion Pack 4” have more vague release dates but are nevertheless described to come out on summer 2016, fall 2016, and early 2017, respectively.

In addition to detailing the release schedule for the expansion packs, the website also reports that EA Games have plans on releasing free content within the period from January to March this year.

Another report by GameSpot details these free content. The website details that the January updates that EA Games is planning will include the following:

  • New multiplayer modes for the Tatooine map, which has previously only been accessible in the co-op Survival mode
  • Hoth-themed costumes from The Empire Strikes Back
  • A space for daily challenges and community events
  • The option to create Private Matches

For an in-depth description, you can check out the extensive list from GameSpot here.

Kotaku points out that when “Star Wars Battlefront” was released last November, the main sentiment of players is that the game’s number of maps, mode, and vehicles were inferior compared to other full-priced games in the same genre.

Apart from the January updates that GameSpot detailed, Kotaku also relays that EA Games will also include balancing tweaks to multiplayer modes as well as weapons.

Fans excited for the free stuff coming do not have to wait long since the January update for “Star Wars Battlefront” is scheduled to come out today, January 27.