Fans cannot seem to wait until Star Wars 8 hits theaters in December 2017 to learn about Rey and her origins. Yet the latest theory about her parents could prove to be the most creative thus far.

Indeed speculation over Rey’s lineage is rife. The appearance of Luke Skywalker at the end of Episode VII led many to believe he is her father. Then again, director J.J. Abrams himself debunked the theory when he revealed Rey’s parents were not in that movie. Hence, it led to another theory that Luke Skywalker killed her parents. Thus, the hope Star Wars 8 would shed light on the matter.

Yet the latest theory about Rey’s parents could likely be the most inventive. Moreover, it endeavored to piece together bits of details from the plot that might seem logical to a certain extent. Then again, its sheer creativity could impress any fan looking forward to Star Wars 8.

If Reddit user confusedcryptid is correct, then Rey does not have parents. Instead, she is the product of a Force experiment. Moreover, the theory posits she came from DNA taken from Luke Skywalker’s hand. The experimentation allegedly took place at the Empire’s research facility in Jakku with Snoke in charge of the entire operation. Thus, would the earlier theory of Snoke being Rey’s father connect with this new idea. Also, could this explain why Rey is sensitive when it comes to the Force, Melty surmised.

“… Snoke has an fascination with the Skywalker bloodline, hence his interest in Ben Organa-Solo. I wouldn’t put it past him to experiment with Luke’s DNA. I think that shortly after Rey’s creation, something went wrong. Maybe she was kidnapped? Something that led the First Order to lose interest in her or believe that she was dead. But somehow, she ended up on her homeplanet of Jakku again, but this time I believe that the research facility had been abandoned for good, so there was nowhere for her to go. Either way, it seems that by this point Snoke was investing in Plan B: Ben,” confusedcryptid wrote.